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Sensory Dome & Ball pits

Jungle Ball Pit.jpg

Jungle Air Juggler Ball Pit

Down in the jungle where nobody goes.... Your little ones will have so much fun in this ball pit. Whether they are swimming in the 1000 or so balls we provide or knocking off the balls that can be balanced on the air jugglers. Perfect for all ages as parents can supervise from the side.

● Play mats provide
● Ideal indoor use as small
● 1000 or so balls provided

Air juggler ball pit £80- overnight plus £30

Teddy Bear Ball Pit

Teddy bear, teddy bear JUMP AROUND. Can be used with or without balls as it has an inflatable floor. Easy access for parents to supervise smaller children. Ideal for smaller gardens or smaller indoor venues.

● Safety mat provided
● 2.40x 2.4 metres
● Indoor or outdoor use

Teddy bear ball pit £80 - overnight plus £30


ballpits are subject to a £10 refundable deposit as all balls need to be bagged before collection

Sensory lights.jpg

Sensory Dome

Made of soft play and filled with 100's of translucent balls it's perfect for all children
as it has an internal LED light with adjustable settings, so it can be on disco mode or set to a slow ambient pace which is ideal particularly for children with special educational needs as it can be a safe haven for stimulating their sensory needs.

● 5ft in diameter
● Upload your child's favourite songs onto an SD card
● Ideal if you have limited space

Sensory Dome £85 - overnight plus £30

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