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Hey There

Bounce Party is a Surrey based business and I'm looking to sell for 2 main reason.  Bounce Party has been far more successful then I could ever had imagined and needs taking to the level and I am not physically capable of doing this as a one women business.  

All About Bounce Party

Bounce Party started in 2021 and even this  was a bad time for  most business, post covid .  Over  the past 3 years Bounce Party has grown into a successful small Business.    The work is primarily weekend based and  seasonal.   Peak business is  time is from April through  to October  and December.   Bookings and enquiries are through  the website and  the only platform I currently use is Google.   If Bounce Party  had other social  platforms such as Instagram and Facebook this would increase the  business.  

With approx.  £20k of stock this  business is ready to go.  I will be happy to have a hand over period.  Accounts available on request.

The business has been valued at £47k but will look for offers in excess of £35K





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