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Pink Balloons

Bouncy Castles

Spider-man & Friends

Every child loves a superhero and with Spider-man let your child's imagination take them on a journey to catch the baddies and save New York city and become a Superhero themselves.

● Sun cover built in
● Impressive large spider-man
● Dimension 16f x 12f x 12f
● Safety mats included


Bouncy castle £90 - overnight plus £30

3D Spiderman Bouncy Castle @ Bounce Party.UK
Marvel Castle.jpg

Marvel Bouncy Castle

Does your little one love to play the super hero, now they and their friends can join the Hulk, Iron Man and Spiderman on an action package mission to rescue the world.

● Pop ups
● Add a popcorn machine £65
● Safety mats included
● Dimension 15f x 13f x 13f


Bouncy castle £90 - overnight plus £30

Silly Snakes

 Plenty of fun to be had with this large castle, so if you a few kids at the party this one will ideal. 

  • Open mesh sides

  • Up to 10 under 1m  

  • Dimension 15 x 15 x 13 

  • Safety mats included


Bouncy castle £90 -  overnight plus £30

Snake Bouncy Castle_edited.jpg

Galleon with Octopus

Sail the sevens seas in search of the pirates treasure with help the Ollie the Octopus. This Castle is a firm favorite with all.

● Safety mats included
● 15 x 13 x 15

Bouncy castle £90 - overnight plus £30

Princess Fairytale Castle

See your Princess's eyes light up, when the enter their very own magical kingdom.

● Built in sun / rain cover
● Safety mats included
● Dimensions 14f x 15f x15f


Bouncy castle £90 - overnight plus £30

IMG-20200731-WA0001 - Copy.jpg
farm bouncy castle_edited.jpg

Farmyard Bouncy Castle

Ol’ Macdonald had a farm and on that farm he had a cow.............. This smaller bouncy castle is ideal for younger children who will thoroughly enjoy their time on the farm.


● Built in sun / rain cover
● Partial enclosed
● Dimension 10f x 10f 
● Low height ideal for indoor use

Bouncy castle £90- overnight plus £30


Fornite, Fornite did I mention Fortnite.......

A gamers favorite, great for a themed party.

● Brand New for 2023
● Matching Safety mats included
● Dimensions 15f x 11f 


Bouncy castle £90 - overnight plus £30

IMG-20200731-WA0006 - Copy.jpg

Mushroom Castle

All Fairies and Elves welcome in your own little kingdom

  • Full covered ideal sun / rain protection.

  • Safety mats included

  • 10f x 12f x 15f 

  • No over hanging tress in area

Bouncy Castle £90 - overnight plus £30

Enchanted Princess Castle  

Enter an enchanted world of Princess and fairies.  Perfect for smaller venues.

  • Play mats included

  • Matching Slide available

  • 10' x 10' x 12'

Bouncy Castle Hire £90 overnight plus £30

Bounce Party Enchanted Princess Slide_ed
Pink Balloons

Space required

Each castle and inflatable ball pit needs to have an extra 4.5 foot at the rear of the castle to allow for the blower, an extra 2.5 foot either side to allow for movement and at the front you will need enough room for safety mats.  If you are unsure if your castle of choice will fit please enquire and if needed we can come and measure so we don't disappoint.

Cleaning Deposit

The inflatable should be in the same condition as it was when delivered and setup to you.

If the inflatable is found to be dirty and looks to have been used in a disrespected manor there is a cleaning charge with prices start from £20 depending on the condition.

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